Many of the members of the McCoy Team come directly out of the Precast industry and bring with them years of experience solving product handling problems.

As machine designers many of our customers will ask us to look at a specific handling problem and see what we can come up with.

Included is a gallery of “solutions” created for some of our friends in the industry.

As a side note the video of the heavy casting roll over bar was sent to us with a smile by the customer.

Bulk bag unloader and auger
Loader attachment for a fork truck
Hoppers and auger pozzolan feeders
Septic tank gravity roll over bar
Septic tank gravity roll over bar
Colored concrete layering system
Kiln car for clay brick manufacturing
Kiln car transfer system
Clamp for stripping and rolling wall caps
Clamp for stripping and rolling wall caps
Heavy casting roll over bar
Mold roll over machine for stripping
Casting roll over and position
Product handling bar for positioning retaining wall on the job site
Vacuum handling for heavy castings of retaining wall
Articulating jib with pneumatic lift