When we look at a project like material reclaim in a plant we consider the requirement then assemble the best technologies the we can find. We then look at the gaps and holes in the process and we design the components that integrate it into a working system. McCoy will provide product from various vendors that we consider the best and develop a system that becomes a ‘solution’.

Recently we have built a reclaim system that solves a number of very typical plant day to day issues. When we specified the mixers they were built with high pressure wash cleaning. We added an extra door on each mixer to use exclusively for wash water. The plant also has travelling buckets with their own automatic wash station which was built by McCoy. The wash station can also accept a rejected batch and blend it with water. The wash waters and the reject concrete are all fed into a standard Wam Concep 5000 reclaim system typically used for ready mix. McCoy added a structural hopper and grating above that Wam Concep to create a wash station for all the production tooling in the plant. The Wam Concep separates the coarse materials and dispenses them for reuse or disposal.

The fines and water and pigments are pumped to an insulated grey water tank created by McCoy. It has an agitator to prevent settlement and cooling supplied by American Geothermal. The cooling reduces the grey water temperature to inhibit hydration. This water is pumped into a system supplied by Water Treatment Solutions which filters out the fines, uses CO2 to adjust ph, refilters out the salts and leaves us with clear water to reuse for the next wash requirement.

We are very proud of the result and our collaboration with our partners on this project.


  • New, ultra modern facility with a strong emphasis on cleanliness and a high regard for the well being of the staff.
  • The batch plant is designed with three Sicoma MP series high speed mixers, two 2.5 yd output and a future 1.25 output
  • Concrete transport by two Sicoma travelling buckets
  • Sicoma high pressure wash systems for mixers, travelling buckets and plant equipment
  • Concrete delivery to multiple McCoy Fastcast production stations. The fill heads can be moved to the cleaning station for washout
  • The reclaim system was designed to accommodate multiple daily color changes on each mixer, travelling bucket and work stations
  • Typical wash cycle per mixer uses 100 to 150 gallons
  • Reclaim can process over 25 yards of rejected concrete per day if required separating the sand and gravel from the water and fines then the water from the fines
  • Over 6000 gallons of water can be PH adjusted daily
  • All fines including cements and pigments are filter pressed to under 7% moisture for disposal.
(Above) Travelling Bucket wash station & Reject concrete hopper (Below) Reclaim sand & gravel discharge with the tooling wash station
Wam Concep 5000 & manual wash station
Filter presses
Right to left - Grey Water Tank, Filter Press, PH Adjust, Second Filter Press, Clean Water Tank