The Rapid Twin Shaft offers a robust and compact design with thorough mixing of all aggregates. With its large output capabilities from 1.7m3 to 4.5m3 and fast mixing time, the Rapid Twin Shaft is ideal for use in the ready mix industry.

Features fully tiled mixing chamber using heavy duty extra thick 20mm chill cast tiles, extra thick ni-hard chill cast paddles, Large hydraulically operated discharge door, fully integrated access and inspection hatches complete with tight sealing and clamping systems allow for viewing whilst mixing. Star mixing action is excellent for mixing fully homogenised semi-dry coloured concrete. Unique arm design allows fitment at either 60°/ 90°, creating high turbulence and a homogenous mix in reduced time.

Model Input Capacity Output Capacity Output Hour m3 Motor Power Net Weight
RT1700 2.5m3 1.7m3 60 2 x 30kW 8,500kg
RT3000 4.5m3 3m3 120 2 x 55kW 9,800kg
RT4000 6m3 4m3 160 2 x 75kW 13,000kg
RT4500 6.75m3 4.5m3 180 2 x 75kW 15,000kg


The Rapid Planetary’s mixing action produces quality homogenized mixes and outputs from 0.375m3 to 3m3. It is ideal for smaller applications, precast products and mixing semi-dry coloured concrete.

Features durable chill cast wear sleeves and paddles, hard wearing chill cast tiles for wall and floor, heavy duty discharge door mechanisms, spring tensioned mixing arms for safety, motor and gearbox are located on top of the mixer for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Model Input Capacity Output Capacity Output/Hour m3 Motor Power No. of Mixing Tools No. of Mixing Stars Net Weight
RP375 0.56m3 0.375m3 11 15kw 3 1 1,950kg
RP500 0.75m3 0.5m3 15 30kw 3 1 3,240kg
RP750 1.125m3 0.75m3 23 30kw 3 1 3,240kg
RP1000 1.5m3 1m3 30 37kw 5 2 5,700kg
RP1500 2.25m3 1.5m3 45 55kw 5 2 5,700kg
RP2000 3m3 2m3 60 75kw 8 3 9,500kg
RP3000 4.5m3 3m3 90 110kw 8 3 10,500kg