FastCast Wet Cast Filling Line Drawing
FastCast Wet Cast Filling Line
Cleaning Station
Indexing Conveyor and Form Release
McCoy Perfect Portion II Filling Head
Screed Device
Vibrating Tables
Manual Filling Option
  • Forktruck insertion station
  • Buffer section of index conveyor to magazine pallets
  • Destacker
  • Cleaning station
  • Form release station
  • Perfect Portion II volumetric filling station
  • Screed station
  • Four vibrating tables
  • Open area for QC
  • Stacker
  • Fork truck carrier removal station


FastCast Wet Cast Stripping Line
Drawings for FastCast Wet Cast Stripping Line
Wood Pallet Dispenser
Rotary Packing Table
Index Conveyor
Rotary Brush Cleaner
Stripping Operator Station
Fork Truck Stack Removal
  • Fork Truck Stack Insertion Station
  • Pallet Buffer
  • Stacker/ Destacker
  • Index Conveyor
  • Rotary Brush Cleaner
  • Blower Station
  • Fork Truck Stack Removal Station
  • Shipping Pallet Dispenser
  • Rotary Packaging Table (Veneers)
  • Stripping Station (Landscape Products)
  • Shipping Pallet Outfeed Conveyor