The Transbatch is a single load, fully mobile batching plant which offers outputs from 40m3/hr to 100m3/hr. With quick setup and fast mix times this makes for one of our most efficient plants to date.


  • 4 x 10m3 aggregate bins with pneumatic discharge doors.
  • Compact and fully mobile, folds and partly dismantles for transport.
  • Cement, water and aggregates are all fully weighed.
  • Automatic control system with load cells, starter panel and pneumatics panel.
Model Mixer Output Capacity (per hour) Batch Size Length Width Height Net Weight
TRANSBATCH 100 RT3000 100m3 3m3 18m 3m 4.2m 36,520kg
TRANSBATCH 60 RT1700 60m3 1.7m3 18m 3m 4.2m 33,500kg
TRANSBATCH 40 RT1000 40m3 1m3 18m 3m 4.2m 31,100kg


The Rapidbatch is a high capacity mobile batching plant suited to large construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects. Offering outputs of up to 120m3/hr and fast setup times the Rapidbatch is well suited to wind farms, airports, construction and ready mix applications.


  • Fully galvanised.
  • Short mixing times and high outputs with Rapid Twin Shaft mixer.
  • Computerised control system.
  • Accurate metering.
  • Compact design, easy to transport, fast to install, requiring no foundations.


Module Mixing Capacity Batch Size Generator Requirements Length (Transport Dimensions) Width (Transport Dimensions) Weight
Mixing Unit 120m3/h 3m3 450KVA 17.7m 3m 38,500kg


Module Bin Capacity Length (Transport Dimensions) Width (Transport Dimensions) Height (Transport Dimensions) Weight
Bin Unit 120m3/h 17.7m 3m 4m 38,500kg


Module Length Width Height Weight
Control Cabin 4.6m 2.5m 2.5m 3,500kg