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McCoy Wet Cast Filling System

The Wet Cast Filling System provides exact volumetric filling of multiple mold cavities, simultaneously.


SILOMAX® Anti Over-fill System

The physical and environmental damage cause by a silo being overfilled can be devastating. The McCoy SiloMax® Anti Over-Fill System can eliminate this by providing audible and visual alarms. If there is no response in a preset time, the pinch valve is activated which cuts off the flow of cement into the silo.



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The J. McCoy Equipment Difference.

For well over 25 years, J McCoy Equipment has provided the North American concrete industry with highly focused concrete solutions. Specializing in customized concrete batch plants and ready mix concrete plants, customized machinery, concrete equipment, silos, and product distribution, J McCoy Equipment brings innovation and creativity to any job, big or small. Often leads to the development of customized machinery and innovative processes to keep operations efficient and economical.

The distribution division of J McCoy Equipment is proud to offer premium concrete solutions from brands such as Fejmert, Liebherr, Scale-Tron, Hydronix, Kraft Energy, Badger Meter Inc, Alar, Sioux and WAM. With 25 years experience, McCoy has hand picked these brands to partner with based on quality and efficiency.

As a second generation precast manufacturer, founder, John McCoy has over 40 years technical and management experience in the concrete industry. The combination of his concrete experience and innovative spirit provides a unique synergy that yields efficient and economical concrete solutions. These solutions are showcased throughout the website, have a look!


Up and Coming News

Ground Breaking J. McCoy Equipment Exclusive Agent for Plan SRL :

Plan SRL of Chiusi, Italy is pleased to announce the appointment of J McCoy Equipment Company as their exclusive representative for all of Canada and the North East U.S.A. Plan SRL is a growing global leader in concrete factory automation. Plan SRL serves 3 markets areas, as shown below:

Ground Breaking

McCoy Equipment Develops NEW Product Line for Total Dust Control

NEW Dust Control Units FV 300 Filter Vent
DC 300 Dust Collector

McCoy Equipment brings you the latest technology in total dust control. Introducing the FV300 and DC300. Choosing the appropriate dust collector for your application is critical for environmental compliance, health and safety, and plant cleanliness. McCoy Equipment Indroduces NEW product line for Dust Control including the FV300 and DC300. more

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